578th SMS, Dyess AFB  
Site 9 - Shep, Texas


(Satellite image courtesy of Google Earth)


(Satellite image courtesy of Tarraserver and the U.S. Geological Survey)


Strategic Missile Squadron:    578th

Support Base:    Dyess, AFB - Abilene, Texas

Site #:    9

Location:    Shep, Texas

Construction Start Date:    ??/??/????

On-Alert:    ??/??/????

Decommisioned:    ??/??/???

Current Owner:  Mark and Linda Hannifin
                            P.O. Box 11182
                            Midland, TX   79702-8182
                            (432) 686-7333

Web Site:    www.familyscuba.com

This silo property is used for Scuba Diving tours.  If you are interested in diving a
Missile Silo, you can contact the owner above or visit their web site and click on
the VALHALLA link at the top of the home page.

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